Apha Commodities S.A. comes to the market with the proposal of presenting the solid values ​​of its investors, as well as enabling the formation of long term partnerships with suppliers, agricultural technologists, new investors and customers.

Alpha is a company focused on the origination and sale of soy, corn, livestock and sugar, destined to national and international markets.

With a business strategy that involves key industry operations, it will soon be among the largest agricultural trading companies in the country

The company is born large, headquartered in the city of São Paulo (SP), Alpha has operating units throughout the country.

With a business strategy that involves the industry’s main operations, the company is one of the largest originators in the country and has grown consistently and sustainably.

In addition to origination and warehousing, the company is responsible for all logistics, with management tools that ensure compliance with deadlines and maximum cost efficiency. Backed by investment structures, Alpha is also prepared to assist producers with innovative financing mechanisms.

Headquartered in the city of São Paulo (SP), Alpha Commodities has operating units in the states of Bahia, Goiás, Parana, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Parana, Rio Grande do Sul and Sao Paulo.

We also have qualified professionals to provide all the necessary support to customers in countries like China and Turkey.

Alpha’s management is based on solid values, enabling long-term partnerships with suppliers, developers of agricultural technologies, investors and customers.

To act innovatively in the agribusiness and livestock market in Brazil and worldwide, respecting the environment and all parties involved in our business, seeking sustainable growth.

To be recognized globally as the best and most innovative agribusiness and livestock company in Latin America, growing responsibly and contributing to the distribution of food in the world.

Commitment – We comply with applicable laws and meet our commitments on time, as we at Alpha value our track record of respect and word of relationships.

Team – We value teamwork and seek business partners who share this value.

Entrepreneurship – We are constantly looking for market opportunities and have developed the courage to execute them.

Stability – We pursue the ability to remain stable even in times of instability. Respect – We respect people, the environment and we seek the humility to learn always.

Society – We contribute programs that invest in people development and training of ethical professionals.

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