Alpha Commodities SA is born as one of the largest in Brazil in sugar exportation, origination and exportation of soybean and corn, acting with a strategy of diversification of services and personalized service to customers and suppliers. The company is distinguished by its agility in barter operations, in that it provides the entire technological package of inputs needed by agricultural producers in exchange for a portion of future production.

The barter gives producers greater security during harvests, as risks, production costs and market swings are minimized. Alpha, in turn, continuously expands its capacity for grain origination and gains agility to capture in the market the resources needed for its operations.

With this way of doing business, the company has built lasting and transparent relationships, providing customers with quality products and sustainable economic growth.

Alpha’s marketed products meet a growing global demand for food and agricultural commodities. Customers are industries from different sectors of the Brazilian, European and Asian markets. All are supplied with high quality products and guaranteed origin, grown in areas that respect the legislation and do not promote deforestation of the Amazon biome.


With storage units distributed throughout Brazil, Alpha has a storage capacity of over 60,000 metric tons, as well as partners that provide the same quality and standard required.

All units strictly adhere to the strictest safety and health and environmental responsibility criteria. Warehouses are equipped with all necessary tools to prevent accidents and maintain product quality such as ventilation and exhaust systems, fire fighting, temperature control to prevent contamination by microorganisms etc.

Alpha also makes investments to optimize the grain classification process through employee training and hiring specialized companies. This improvement aims to provide maximum transparency to customers and depositors in accordance with best market practices.


Alpha manages the logistics of its products according to the needs and expectations of its customers, seeking maximum efficiency in the relationship between costs and meeting deadlines.

The company works with different types of transport modes, using railroads and highways to the ports of São Sebastião, Santos, Paranaguá, Rio Grande, Sao Francisco do Sul and Itaqui. Through the traceability system, Alpha and its customers have tools to track the shipment and receipt of products in real time.

With the support of this technology, operations are custom programmed to meet the fractional logistics standards required by its domestic customers.

In addition, Alpha Commodities can guarantee the quality of its products upon delivery by evaluating them both at the time of shipment and disembarkation. Another focus of logistics management is the management of environmental impacts caused by product transportation, in line with the standards set by the Integrated Management System. The company uses the railroad to transport large volumes of grain, sugar and cattle to the shipping ports, as well as an outsourced fleet of trucks, ensuring compliance with the contracts on time.


Alpha Commodities SA operates consistently in the Livestock business, having extensive internal training, with important and well-known people in the national and international business.

We currently have partners who provide us with adequate resources for livestock exports from origin to delivery to ports. For this reason the company builds transparent and lasting relationships, which help us to remain among the largest live cattle exporters in Brazil.

We follow the model already done in June 2017, where we first exported more than 12,000 live cattle to Turkey and got positive feedback from partners, plus the great news that the purpose of this load was directed to a noble cause  and will serve as food for many needy people.

With this model and following our methodology and capacity, Alpha grows in the industry in order to reach the goal of being among the largest in the world.


Alpha relates to numerous agricultural producers and ranchers in Brazil. For this reason, the company has developed an innovative business model that contributes to agribusiness growth and gives producers greater security.

With transparent activities, skilled logistics and qualified professionals in the field, Alpha provides the necessary resources to act in various productive areas in the country proposing to its partners the loyalty in business.

Alpha’s differential is to be able to act in all stages of agribusiness and export, contributing with partners from the beginning of any activity to the commercialization of their products, forming solid and long lasting partnerships.

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