Social and Environmental Responsibility

Alpha’s commitment to the preservation of natural resources encompasses all the company’s operations and is consolidated in different actions to avoid and minimize impacts on the environment.

The company makes investments, sets goals and sets monitoring indicators with the objective of reducing energy and paper consumption, reducing waste generation and promoting selective collection.

Operational activities are performed following different work instructions that establish procedures for controlling the emission of black smoke in trucks of the contracted fleet, collection and disposal of pesticide packaging used in warehouses, among other aspects. Suppliers are also oriented and monitored so that their activities cause the least possible environmental impact. Alpha, for example, only purchases firewood needed for grain drying from approved companies that can prove that the wood does not originate from deforestation areas.

In addition to its focus on environmental preservation, Alpha seeks to have a positive participation in society by supporting initiatives and projects by entities that promote the education, training and professional training of young people.

Health and Safety

One of Alpha’s biggest commitments is to promote a safe, healthy and decent work environment for its employees. For this reason, the company identifies, manages and monitors risks in its operations and promotes training and awareness of its professionals.

Among the main risks managed by Alpha are those related to grain storage in units distributed throughout Brazil. The company strictly follows all current standards and legislation, in order to avoid accidents that cause damage to employees and the environment or that may impair product quality.

In addition to providing all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) free of charge to employees, Alpha has occupational safety teams and specific tools that support health and safety management in all its units.

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